Video Marketing

Expert Interview Commercial –  We construct a 60 to 180 second video promoting you as the expert in your industry.  The format is a “Local Business Weekly” news broadcast. Professional actors or actresses will introduce you. Hollywood style graphics will draw attention to your interview. Lower thirds, call to action and other tools are used to get the prospect to contact you.

Review Video Commercial – We take a review from one of your past clients and “package” that review between our spokes-models talking about what a wonderful company you are.  We use Hollywood style graphics, lower thirds, call to action and more to promote you.

Doodle or Whiteboard Videos – Have you ever seen those videos that look hand drawn?  Those are called Doodle or Whiteboard videos. We have a series of these videos pre-made for many industries. If you would like to customize a video for your company we can do that as well!

Custom Video Creation – We have created videos for many industries. if you are looking for something unique, just let us know.

Spokes Pals – Did you enjoy the Virtual Assistant that popped up when you found our home page?  We have hundreds of Virtual Assistants to help you market your product or services.  We have live actors and actresses, 2D Characters, 3D Characters, as well as just fun pop ups like the memo pad.  To see our Spokes Pals just go here.


Reputation Marketing

5 Stars in 5 Days – We can take up to 250 of your past clients and build a campaign to build up your current review ratings.

Sign – In Campaign – Are you still using a clipboard to get information on customers or patients? Do you do trade shows and have a hard time getting a visitors’ information into a program for follow up?  Do you have outside sales reps or technicians that you would like to track or have them get referrals?  You need our proprietary Electronic Clipboard.

Social Marketing – We scan your social media sites everyday looking for new reviews of your company.  We also take reviews from other directories and post them to your social media site, allowing you to take one review and spread it across multiple media.

Website Marketing – We create widgets and page scripts so visitors to your website will not only be able to leave a review about your product or service, but they can see other reviews, both video and written about your company.  These third party reviews build your authority.

Custom Review CRM – We can build a database management system that brings in your current, past and future customers into one place.  This allows you to market to these clients for future promotions, ask for reviews, or just stay in touch.

Negative Feedback Control – Our system, unlike most, will allow you to control where a prospect or current customer’s reviews go.  Are you tired of bad Yelp reviews?  How about capturing that bad review and converting it to a positive review?  We can do that for you!

Staff Training – Your staff is the front line of your reputation plan. You need them to “buy in” to the process and reasons for building a reputation.  We handle that for you. Our customizable training area has 45 minutes of pre-built video training along with a quiz, so you can have everyone on the same page.  We can even add other training pieces to the program for your specific industry.

Directory Management – You are probably familiar with the top directories (Google, Yelp, Facebook, Bing).  Did you know there are literally hundreds of directories that the public uses to determine if your product or service is right for them?  There are industry specific as well as general directories.  Many companies like Yelp will post information for you.  Where we stand out is our ability to not just post, but to build your directories and citations, manage those directories, and repair any issues that might come up in over 50 directories, not just one! To find out more just go here.

Analytics – OK, so you think people are leaving information about you, but are the really.  How is your campaign going?  What results are you truly getting. Most companies will TELL you what they are doing.  We SHOW you what we are doing and give you feedback constantly on the process. You have information on opens, click, actions taken, new reviews found and many more statistics.



Banner Ads – We can create customized ads for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Your Website, Google and many more places to get your message out.  Currently we have 16 sizes of Banner Ads available.  These ads can be designed to “Brand” your company or to promote your company, product or service through a special “Offer”.  We have ads that are centered around Branding, Product Discounts, Holidays, Events, Special Promotions and Reputation.

Website Widgets – Like a banner ad only on your website.  Would you like continuity between your Banner Ad sets and your website marketing?  How about a Branding or Offer widget that mirrors the ads you are running in Social Media?

Re-targeting – We can help you track the 93% of visitors to your website that stop by then disappear. You spent a lot of time and money to  get leads to your website.  The statistics are that if you are good, only 7% of those visitors will make a contact on their first visit.  When they leave they may forget you.  We create Banner Ads then show those ads to your past visitors in multiple places on the web.  Don’t waste your money finding new leads, re-target the ones you already brought to your site.


Coming Soon

We are always working on new projects and refining our current projects.  That is why we offer such great incentives to have you Beta test our systems, then give us feedback.  We want to know how we can improve.  We want to know what you would like next.  Our development division spends hundreds of thousands of dollars developing the systems you have the opportunity to use. Below are a few things in the works.

Full Blown Data base Management System – Have you ever heard of Infusionsoft or SalesForce? These systems, which are extremely popular, help a business control the leads that come into the company as well as the current customers.  The problem, they are bulky, VERY hard to understand, and VERY expensive.  We are building out a system that will provide those portions of a CRM that you truly need in a fast, inexpensive and easy to use system. Call to get in on the Beta testing when it opens.

Lead Management Funnels – Do you know what a funnel is? If not, ask your sales reps. 🙂 Funnels have been used for years to describe the process of bringing along a cold lead through a campaign to eventually turn them into a customer.  The problem? They are very hard to setup. They are complicated, time consuming and can be expensive to buy.  We are developing a series of funnels for you! If you want to turn cold prospects into buying customers, call to get in on the Beta testing when it opens.