Relationship Marketing

Many people have heard of or taken advantage of Reputation Management. What they may not know is that your business does not make money “managing” a reputation. You make money by “Marketing” your reputation.

You have probably seen many companies that show your reputation online.  They post reviews about you.  One of the most well know is Yelp. Unfortunately for us as business owners,  Yelp does not play very fair with us. To give you an example, several years ago one of my companies received a review on Yelp.  The company was named after me, Patrick Smith.  As you can imagine there are a lot of Patrick Smiths. When I looked up that company on Yelp, the only review said I was not to be trusted along with many negative things ( I’m still thinking of getting counseling over it.. LOL).  The sad part was, the only accurate thing on the review was my company name and the city.  The address of the business was not mine, the customer was no one I had ever been involved with.  They were complaining about someone else, but it was reflecting on me!  When I tried to fix it, Yelp pretty much blew me off. If you  would like to know how I solved that  problem contact me.

The staff at Blue Pyramid Consultants started using Reputation Marketing, or as we like to call it Relationship Marketing around 1993. We used these techniques for our own companies and taught it to others, offline, for years. In the world today, these techniques are even more important.

Follow our blog, get your free e-book, look over our tools or jump on one of our webinars and you will be amazed at how you can convert your marketing dollars into an awesome ROI using Relationship Marketing.

In the mean time, if you have any questions, feel free to call me on my cell at (916) 223-3541.  I look forward to chatting with you, Patrick