Social Media Marketing

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It seems like everything a business owner hears these days is focused around social media. You have probably seen all the amazing statistics of how many people are on each media.  What I hear mostly from other business owners is AHHHAHAHAHA

They are too busy running their businesses to figure out what a hash tag is, how many times to post, whats a banner ad, whats is PPC or CPM, and a hundred other questions. If you are like them you would love to have your customers learn more about you using social media but you do not know where to start or how to market your company effectively on these sites.

That is where we come in. The staff at Blue Pyramid Consultants will take the time to chat with you, find out what YOUR needs are and help you obtain your company goals all within a budget t hat you can be happy with.  Our quality products will have you repeating what one owner of a solar company said to me a few hours ago. He said his staff had been religiously posting multiple posts a day on Facebook and other sites with no comments form his followers.  When Blue pyramid Consultants posted their first video post for him today 9 people liked it and 3 called to tell him how good it looked!

You can have your customers commenting on your social media as well.  Just give us a call, or better yet, got to the set appointment link on this site and schedule a free 30 minuet consultation in a time that fits your calendar now!